Teaches of Peaches- farmers market

Summers are for road trips- the weather gets hot and I get the urge to explore. Unfortunately, I cannot spend weeks traveling across the US, but the sense of adventure that comes with road trips does not have to be lost. This summer I am going to be a local tourist and take mini road trips to explore my neighborhood. Do things I don’t normally do and experience my city in a new way.
My first local adventure is biking to the local farmers market. Two of my friend and I wake up around 8 on Saturday, unsure of what to expect on our first trip to the market. Canvas bags in hand we “take a lap” to scout out the produce. I hear that the farmer’s market crowd can get quit rowdy when it comes to fresh veggies. My only goal is to snag some delicious fresh summer peaches. On our quick trip we instantly spot two coffee stands, a crepe stand, breakfast burrito cart, artisan breads, olive oil, and local honey stands. After we find the produce we came for (I got my Peaches!) we bee lined it to the coffee stands. After we each have our coveted latte and scone we sit on a nearby stoop to enjoy the morning air before the summer heat sets in. We each soaked up the morning sun listening to a local musician strumming his folky tunes on his guitar. After hanging out for a while we loaded up our bike baskets and agreed this should become a regular occurrence for us.
By breaking my routine and purposefully exploring my city I get to rediscover what made me initially attracted to the city. It also creates opportunities for new adventures. On this trip my friends and I discovered a local vineyard that holds wine tasting tours. This one adventure opened the doors to hundreds more, just like a traditional road trip.