The March issue of InStyle magazine highlights many trends for the coming spring and summer months. Things like halter necklines, bold black and white graphics, and ankle straps are very popular.

The biggest trend I saw was also the boldest. Black and white graphic prints were everywhere in this issue. The trend can be found on Louis Vuitton purses in their ad campaign, on Julianne Moore at the Golden Globes, and multiple sections of the Magazine in different articles. Black and white is a bold choice when color blocking it or using it in large geometric patterns. The magazine featured shoes with this patter as well as showed how flattering it can be on full figured women.  The Female stars of the upcoming film “Oz The Great and Powerful” were featured in a photo spread wearing black and white graphic outfits from Lavin, Dolce and Gabbana, and Louis Vuitton. The patterns are so bold, that you need an equally bold personality to pull them off. Checkered board pattern, chevron, stripes, circles, and grids all take this trend to an extreme. This is not for the shy girls. It is easy to adopt by mixing and matching black and white pieces from your closet to create a bold contrasting statement.

A more subtle trend we will see in the coming months is the ankle strap on shoes. Whether it is a sandal, wedge, flat, platform, “flatform”, or stiletto; if it’s a shoe then it has an ankle strap. The trend can be seen on almost every page, but it is never made the focal point. It is featured in ad campaigns for, Tod’s, Missoni, and Rebecca Minkoff to name a few.  The strap trend takes many forms, not just with style of shoe, but in execution. Jimmy Choo chooses to feature a shoe with a black cord wrapped multiple times around the ankle with tassels. Other shoes feature simple buckles, thin or thick straps, jewels, studs, mesh, and multi strap styles. The trend is an easy way to update your normal go-to outfit. Whichever style shoe you want to wear there is an ankle strap style of that shoe.

When I hear halter top I instantly want to cringe, thinking back to some of the 1990s films and outfits my older siblings sported. With that in mind, you might be surprised to see the halter style neckline make a comeback. Designers like Thakoon and Dian Von Furstenberg have done a good job of resurrecting the trend. The style has been seen on Christina Ricci, Claire Danes, Melissa McCarthy, and Tina Fey. I am glad to see the trend take more of a polished look. The halter neckline allows for the back to be shown off, this has been a large trend for the past few seasons. The halter is an evolution of that trend.

If you heard these trends and thought “kankles” and “man shoulders” don’t fret. Celebrities of all shapes and sizes wear these trends and so can you.